About us

Óbuda Mozgásművészeti Iskola (Obuda Dance School) was founded in 1990 in Budapest. The basics of our method starts in kindergarten with artistic gymnastics, and later on the students have the chance to learn ballet, jazz, modern dance and eurythmics.

Choreographer and instructor Berczik Sára  developed this method. The emphasis is on teaching consciences movement to children, which provides an ideal base for any other dance style or different sporting activities.

Our courses are built up on each other. Children can start at the age of 4, or join on going courses later. We have classes in Óbuda, Békasmegyer and districts VIII, XI and XII.

Our teachers are qualified professionals, who also speak foreign languages.

Communal programs

Open classes

Yearly recitals



Omisk Dance Group

Dance festivals


If you would like more information, please send an e-mail to iroda@omisk.hu!

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